Bay Area Home Selling Tips

Bay Area Home Selling Tips
Video Transcription

Annalyn A.: So, you’re thinking about selling your home or your investment property? Hi, my name is Annalyn Artadi with I Heart Real Estate, and I wanted to be able to share some helpful tips when you’re getting your home ready for the market.

It’s really important that you, one, align your pricing strategy with the market, so you’ve got to understand the market trends where the property is located. Every pocket is different, every neighborhood is different. Buyers are looking in specific neighborhoods for specific reasons, something that’s going to tailor them as an individual or as a family. So, whether it’s having good schools, or looking for a unit that’s downstairs, basically finding something that’s going to accommodate their lifestyle.

The second thing that you have to remember is that your presentation is key. The more clutter, the more that the home looks like it needs work, these buyers are going to present you with low ball offers. Especially, the first time buyers, because they feel that there’s a lot of uncertainty. They don’t know what’s going to happen, and so they’re looking at not only just the structural condition but the cosmetic condition as well.

Another key factor is disclosures. Now, a lot of realtors in different areas, sometimes convince the sellers to provide disclosures upfront. These disclosures could be solid disclosures that are information that you need to disclose to the buyer to the best of your knowledge. These are all question-based forms that a realtor could provide for you.

The other part of the disclosure would be inspection reports. Is there a termite report? Is there a home inspection? These buyers are unaware of what the condition is and how well you’ve maintained the property, so in order for them to feel confident when writing the offer to you, then they… It’s always helpful for them to see some disclosures upfront. This is an option for you. We always at, I Heart Real Estate, recommend that sellers do provide this upfront. That way, when the buyers write the offer, they’re fully confident and less likely to back out in the future or try to renegotiate with you.

Last, but not least, is your flexibility. If you’re going to be putting the house on the market, you have to decide is it going to be sold vacant? Is it going to be sold occupied? If it’s occupied, then it needs to be… We always recommend having the availability to do the open house on the weekend or have some flexible showing throughout the day, even in the evenings, because most buyers may want to come either after work, or before work, or lunchtime. And so, having a key safe lockbox available on the property, or allowing the agent to put that on the property and present a yard sign, is all key to a successful listing.

I think these are all very good helpful tips for you to be able to get your home sold faster and for the most money with the least hassle. Remember, pricing strategy, presentation, disclosures, and flexibility. All right guys, my name again is I Annalyn with I Heart Real Estate. we look forward to sharing more tips with you in the future.

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