Introduction to Broker / Owner of i Heart Real Estate, Inc.

Annalyn Artadi Broker/Owner of I Heart Real Estate, Inc. Zillow Premier Agent #TeamIHRE
Video Transcription

Annalyn Artadi: My name is Annalyn Artadi and with I Heart Real Estate. I am the broker owner of the company. We’re a boutique brokerage. I really was passionate about helping people. It was really more about helping these families and these individuals have a fresh start to move forward or accomplish a dream. It’s a big purchase and everybody dreams about owning a home or a transitioning to share that experience with these families. I can’t express the type of feeling that it gives me.

Abdullah Raoul: My experience with Annalyn was great. I approached her with a big problem. I lost my tenant. I was renting a house. I couldn’t refinance my house and it was very obvious she wasn’t all about the sale. She was about trying to solve the problem with me. The thing that I loved about her was the fact that she was really caring and really tried to help me through the problem and not just rush me into a sale and that’s why I would definitely recommend her for anybody else looking to sell their house.

Annalyn Artadi: The most common thing that I hear from the client is that I’m very flexible, I’m easy to communicate with and talk to. They feel comfortable and confident with me and I answer my phone. We have a team, so you will always be working directly with me, but just know that you also have the team that’s working with you as well. Buying or selling a home is a journey and it’s something that should be a fun experience. And so having the right agent working for you makes a huge difference. We’re here to gain the trust of our clients and build the relationships because ultimately we care.

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