San Ramon/Dublin Halloween Fun 2020

Annalyn Artadi:

Are you wondering what to do for Halloween during the COVID-19, 2020 pandemic? We are standing in front of the San Ramon Community Center building and we wanted to be able to share with you three main activities right now that the city has to offer. Our first main event is…

David Haynie:

All right, how are you doing guys? The first activity is going to be the Home Decorating Contest. There’s going to be five awards. All the submissions will be taken all the way until October 31st on the website. First is going to be the scariest obviously, second is going to be most family friendly. Do it yourself. Fall harvest time. And finally is going to be the new best home wall or door decoration. All submissions will be submitted by October 31st and the winners will be announced November 3rd.

Natalia Dise:

The second event happening in San Ramon is going to be the Virtual Halloween Costume Contest. Halloween is here and it’s time to get dressed up. Call Your family and friends and grab your pets. From October 19th to November 4th, San Ramon’s posting a Virtual Halloween Costume Contest. Please submit your Halloween costume pic’s to the city’s website. Winner will be announced November 5th on the city website. The four categories include cutest, scariest PG-13, best pair group costume, and best pet costume.

Katya Yacob:

The third main event is the City of San Ramon is going to be having a Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt starting on October 26 at the Central Park. Scarecrows will be popping up so make sure you download the checklist at the City of San Ramon. They will be popping up all over the park, so make sure on October 26th, you go to the City of San Ramon website to download the checklist and make sure that you find all of the scarecrows to get your spooktacular certificate of completion.

San Ramon/ Dublin Halloween Events
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